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Fun Denver Date Ideas for $25 (or less): Fall Edition 

These days, when you ask for a date night it might send your partner on a rant about inflation or frantically checking on their crypto investments. Living in a larger city, it can feel impossible to keep the romance and quality time kindling without breaking the bank on a night out (streaming and chill anyone?). Not to mention, we could all manage to save a few bucks before the holidays. That’s why I came up with this list of date night ideas in Denver to help you and your boo stay cuffed and cozy as the crisp fall air rolls in. 

1. Free Movie at Mcgregor Square

Mcgregor Square’s free movie Thursdays provide the perfect unique date night idea in Denver that we are looking for. Movies are shared on a massive screen every Thursday at 6 pm from May through October. Even better, each month has a theme of movies. Concessions and a bar are offered, but no one checks your purse filled with that dollar-store candy.

My Recs: 

  • Go to the “scare series” in October featuring movies like Hocus Pocus and Beetlejuice. For the perfect date night experience, you can bring a scaredy-cat who will cling to you for safety. 

Advanced planning: 

  • Pick a show
  • Street parking can be tricky in this area, so I recommend walking, biking, or Uber
  • Bring blankets and lawn chairs, but there is also first-come, first-served seating
  • Check the weather, this is an outdoor movie! 

2. Discount Movie at a Landmark Theater

Date night ideas in Denver

Landmark Theaters make for a romantic date night in Denver as they provide a beautiful and historic backdrop while you snuggle up for the latest fall flick. There are four locations around Denver, and yes, while these theaters do offer special screenings of indie films, etc. they also play the blockbusters. Landmark Theaters offer $7 movie days every Tuesday excluding holidays and special events. By my calculations, two tickets for $7 will leave plenty of money for some popcorn, so stuff your face and enjoy!

My Recs:

  • The Mayan Theater on South Broadway gives a chance to walk and explore SOBO before or after the movie (if the date is going well, that is)

Advanced Planning: 

  • Check out showtimes, pick a movie, and grab your tickets here!

3. Hike Nearby

Seemingly obvious as a fun day date idea from Denver, but it made the list for being cheap and accessible. Not to mention, a hike allows you plenty of time to get to know your fall fling. So, get ready to put on that cute matching workout set and prepare your partner (photographer) to take some Insta-worthy pics.

My Recs:

  • Keep it simple, you don’t have to go far or max out on elevation gain to impress your date
  • Check out these day hikes from Denver

Advanced Planning: 

  • Ask your date what their favorite snacks and/or beverages are to enjoy as a treat at the end
  • Look up the hikes to see if any provide views of the sunset to make it extra romantic

4. Coffee and a Park Stroll

The parks in this city provide the ideal setting for Denver couple’s activities. I mean the garden at Cheesman Park just oozes romance. If you’re looking for a day date idea, these parks are just begging for you to stroll through them. What better way to start an Autumn morning than with a warm beverage & your soulmate admiring the season? 

My Recs:

  • Wash Perk Coffee House → Washington Park 
  • Buzz Cafe (drive-thru)→ Cheesman Park
  • Colorado Cherry Co. → Berkley Park

Advanced Planning: 

  • Bring a blanket if you want to take a break and hang out at the park
  • Obviously, this is a dog-friendly option 

5. Fall Festivals

For another daytime date idea in Denver, there are several fall festivals where you can explore local food and drink while charming your way into some free samples (fingers crossed). Wear your most fashionable fall footwear and grab your partner’s hand as you skip along the festive streets and plan your future together.

My Recs: 

Advanced Planning: 

  • Check each website for details & plan for the weather!

6. Farmers Markets

Denver Date Night Ideas--Pearl Street Farmer's Market

Similar to the fall festivals and parks around Denver, you’ll find some spectacular farmer’s markets all over the city. With Palisade peaches in season & local vendors rolling out their seasonal best, farmers’ markets are a must in the fall. So grab your flannels, tote bags, and lovers to prepare for the perfect Autumn afternoon. 

My Recs: 

  • South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market: Sundays 9 am-1 pm May 1st-Nov. 13th 
  • Highland’s Square Farmer’s Market: Sundays 9 am-1 pm May 22nd-Oct. 16th 

Advanced Planning: 

  • To make this fun Denver date idea more romantic, research recipes before you go, so that you can grab ingredients at the market and then spend time cooking a fresh meal together

7. Pumpkin Patches with Free Admission

Oh, my gourd! Get in the spooky-season spirit and visit a local pumpkin patch. Although there are other fall attractions that may cost you once you arrive, skipping through the free pumpkin patch should be romantic and photo-worthy enough for a couple of lovebirds. So, keep your eyes peeled for the perfect pumpkin and prepare some new porch decor. 

My Recs: 

Advanced planning: 

  • I’d plan to have some cash on you (that’s to you Gen Zers)
  • Maize in the City allows pups

8. Italian & Wine Happy Hour 

Denver Date Night Ideas--Ritual Social House

The list wouldn’t be complete without some deallll-icious happy hours. These next two date night ideas in Denver are for all you “first daters” who need a bit of liquid courage to keep the conversation flowing. So take a seat where the ambiance is warm and cozy with Italian cuisine and wine to compliment the cool air of the changing season. 

My Recs:

  • Postino (any location) Board and Bottle Deal: get a bottle of wine and Bruschetta Board for $25 every Monday and Tuesday after 8 pm
  • Ritual Social House: House bottle of wine and 12”, 1 topping pizza for $25 Tuesday-Sunday 3-6 pm and 9 pm-close

Advanced planning: 

  • Dress for success at these date night restaurants in Denver, Postino is a bit more romantic while the Ritual Social House is casual, bar-vibes

I hope this list of fun date ideas in Denver inspires you to get off the couch, stop swiping, and plan that Autumn date night with minimal financial stress. If the weather is already turning or you like to plan ahead, check out my list of winter date ideas. Also, these outings aren’t just exclusive to couples, so call up your gal pals and get in the fall spirit! 

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