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Denver’s Best Kept Secret: Hidden Gem Brunch Places

These days, Denver is becoming a Foodie city which can make choosing your top brunch choice difficult. Through the flurry of bottomless mimosa deals and bloody Mary bars, it’s hard to discover which brunch places in Denver really are the best. The truth is, finding the “best brunch in Denver” depends on your mood that Sunday. Maybe you’re balling on a budget, hosting your parents, or perhaps you’re interested in warding off the hangover just a bit longer with a Sunday Funday…Whatever your mission, rest assured there is a brunch place in Denver for you. 

After living in Denver for a few years, I am definitely not considered a local. However, my interests have expanded beyond the ho-hum places for brunch in Denver. I search in the nooks and crannies. I look for places with that extra oomph. Brunch places that are loyal to their brand and oozing with character. Who knows maybe they even have live entertainment? If any of this is sounding like the brunch you’ve been craving then keep reading for some hidden gem brunch places in Denver. If you’re more of a coffee and a croissant kinda gal, then check out my recs for coffee with a cause

Brunch Place in Denver for the Budget-Conscious:

Breakfast on Broadway: Places for Brunch in Denver

Breakfast on Broadway is Englewood’s favorite neighborhood diner. The cafe serves classic breakfast dishes and farm-fresh fare that is cooked to order. What makes it so budget-friendly? The portions are massive for the price, a happy hour from 7 am-9 am, and bottomless mimosas for just $13.75. Enjoy their parking-lot patio seating on a bright and sunny Sunday morning as you double-fist your various beverages. From fresh diner coffee with a classic mug to fancy mimosas in a plastic flute. Their benedicts are absolutely incredible and you obviously can’t go wrong with their biscuits and country gravy. Open every day from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm. 

Brunch Place in Denver for the Competitive Spirit:

Ace, Eat, Serve is a brunch gem located in uptown. There are two things that make Ace, Eat, Serve a must-visit brunch spot. First of all, the unique Japanese pancakes are stacked miles high, and second, a large adjoining ping-pong hall. That’s correct, after you have a nice buzz and a full belly, you can pick up a paddle and play some ping-pong matches. Ace, Eat, Serve only serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. You can reserve a pong table for $25 an hour. At brunch, there are typically plenty of tables wide open and ready to be played on. Besides the incredible pancakes, I recommend ordering the chicken and waffles too, I think you’ll be surprised…

Brunch Place in Denver for Those Who Want to be Entertained:

Ophelia's Electric Soapbox: Bottomless Brunch in Denver, Brunch downtown Denver

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox is part high-end restaurant and part live music venue set in a historic downtown brownstone with a kinky past. Ophelia’s celebrates its brothel roots from the edgy art on the wall to their “gastrobrothel” fare. Take advantage of Ophelia’s bottomless mimosas while enjoying a themed and ~free~ live DJ. We went to a Queen brunch and were thrilled to see Freddie Mercury’s face projected all over the walls as all the classic Queen hits played in the background. You must get the “brunchwrap” benedict supreme (Ophelia’s twist on a Taco Bell classic). Ophelia’s serves their brunch from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

For the Health Nut:

Nurture is a well-care marketplace that houses 60+ wellness brands and businesses including Rewild Bar and Nest Cafe. Every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm Rewild and Nest work together to serve up a well-balanced brunch to cure your Sunday hangover while keeping the Earth and sustainability top of mind. But if you’re not hungover…the space is an absolute vibe. Hitting up brunch alone while you get some work done and prep for your week is encouraged. After brunch, feel free to browse wellness retail, take a restorative exercise class, get some acupuncture, or heal your aura to mention a few of the services offered at Nurture. If you want the full experience, Nurture offers a membership in which you can attend fitness classes, indulge in recovery services, and receive credit towards meals. The stress support latte is one of the best coffees I’ve had in Denver. 

For Those Who Like Beer, Coffee, Bagels & Pilots…?

FlytCo Brewing: Brunch Places in Denver

FlyteCo Brewing is owned by a couple of pilots and you’ll never forget it once you’re inside. Don’t miss this opportunity to take flight, get cozy, and eat a bagel under Flyte’s very own dining room airplane. FlyteCo serves Powerhouse Bagel Sandwiches ALL DAY every day from 8 am-8 pm. Pair your delicious bagel with a “beermosa” (FlyteCo craft brew + OJ) or a hot cup of joe from Altimeter Coffee Co. It’s the perfect trip every time. Order the Grace Always Wins sandwich to get some veggies and hit up their large, picnic table-filled patio on those breezy sunny days too. Next you can continue the morning with shopping and bar hopping on one of my favorite streets in Denver.

For Those Who Like it Local & Organic:

Sunny’s is a paradoxical staple in the Highlands neighborhood. With the classic, simple, and diner vibe of this breakfast spot, you wouldn’t expect top-notch sustainability practices and meals made from scratch. Not to mention an elevated and unique menu that showcases local fare. Sunny’s is open Friday through Monday from 7 am to 2 pm and closed Tuesday through Thursday. I recommend you go for one of their benedicts or specialty plates. We loved the boss Benedict and the bomber. A note, Sunny’s is teeny and open for limited hours, expect longer wait times at mid-morning on weekends. 

For the Classy One:

Bar Dough: Brunch Downtown Denver, bottomless brunch Denver

Bar Dough may not be considered a “hidden gem” in the overall Foodie scene of Denver, but their pasta and wine often steal the show and brunch doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. Truly, my favorite brunch in Denver for a fair price. Head to Bar Dough for an Italian-inspired breakfast every Saturday or Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm. Get their 90-minute Aperol or Mimosa deal (bottomless for 90 minutes) to kick off your morning. Next, indulge in your favorite style of brunch pizza or beef bolognese…with a fried egg of course. Don’t worry, there are biscuits, gravy, and pancakes too if you’re not feeling the full Italian fantasy at 10 am. 

Well…did you read about your new favorite Denver brunch spot? Maybe not, but at least you have more places added to your Denver bucket list. I always encourage being brave enough to explore beyond your favorite spots because you never know what you’ll discover. This city is big, bustling, and ripe with Foodies. I honestly like to use exploring my own city as practice for travel. Not to mention, it fills the travel void I’ve recently felt…Anyway, If you do the research and get out on these streets, you will find hidden gems. The city you once knew will transform before your very eyes. So, pick a few brunch places from this list, grab your friends and try something new this weekend!

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