About Me

Hi! I'm Jenny.

A Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with an insatiable desire to explore…and a genuine fear of life & time slowly slipping away.

These days, people are quitting corporate jobs to pursue their dreams. Sounds nice, but if you’re the average person with college debt, you’re probably NOT doing this and are left feeling FOMO and burnout. 

As an SLP, I am no stranger to FOMO. After undergrad, I went right into graduate school while my friends started their careers and gained some financial freedom. Their weekends were filled with travel and disposable incomes while my weekends suffered as a part-time barista and student. Let’s be honest, school SUCKED.


Before, during, and after graduate school I had my doubts about whether or not speech therapy suited my ideal lifestyle… however, I also believe that two things can be true. I can be passionate about travel AND speech therapy, but it’s my job to make these two parts simpatico.


How am I Making SLP work for me?

Well, for starters I became a fully-remote pediatric home-healthcare SLP and moved into a 22ft camper van with my boyfriend and our corgi. 

Can you tell I’d finally had enough? 

Anyway, I’m not saying that you have to make drastic decisions like me, in fact, I’m hoping to demonstrate how you can avoid those decisions. My goal is to inspire SLPs (and other healthcare professionals) to prioritize their desires for freedom and boundaries from our intense day-to-day.


Secondly, I’m finding my niche and capitalizing on my strengths and interests in the wide scope that is speech therapy.

I’ll provide resources and support based on my own expertise, experiences, and interests in the pediatric speech therapy space.

 What I’ve got:

  • Pediatric telemedicine speech therapy experience.
  • Information about neurodiversity affirming practices.
  • Resources and ideas for implementing child-led play therapy and parent coaching models.
  • Expertise in Augmented and Alternative Communication for non-speaking or minimally-speaking individuals.