15 Best Gyms in Denver with Intro Deals to Kick Start your 2023

These days, it’s “new year, new bod” season. Whether your 2023 resolution is to be healthier, save money, or even try new things, now is the time to take advantage of those New Year fitness deals at the best gyms in Denver. It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle can be costly and monotonous, so I’m helping to bring you the deals that can kickstart your fitness journey. I took my time researching the best gyms in Denver with “new student”, “new year” and “intro” deals in the city. I focused on smaller boutique Denver-based workout classes rather than Planet Fitness deals in Denver, so you can support local without breaking the bank. So, slap on that new fitness gear you got from Santa and get ready to sweat & save at the best gyms in Denver this year. 

HIIT and Cardio:

  • Pearl Street Fitness:
    • Neighborhood: Wash Park 
    • Special Offer: New clients get 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $60
    • Pearl Street Fitness is a small gym that values community through fitness. They offer high-intensity whole-body strength training classes that are one-of-a-kind as well as personal training sessions. 
  • Fitwall Denver:
    • Neighborhood: Wash Park and Highlands 
    • Special offer: New clients get 1 week free  
    • Fitwall Denver is the definition of unique. It is also exactly how it sounds. Each person in the class has their own personal fitness wall complete with a ladder and resistance bands. All classes are just 40 minutes in a HIIT format using bodyweight workouts only. For the full program, each day of the week has a different focus. 
  • The Fiit Co.:
    • Neighborhood: RiNo 
    • Special offer: New clients get 1 week free 
    • The Fiit Co. offers 6 different class types. The classes are programmed to build strength and lean muscle to increase overall fitness and core stability. The three main classes offered include Pull Fiit (back side), Push Fiit (front side), and Hustle Fiit (boot camp style). 
  • Block21 Fitness
    • Neighborhood: Cap Hill 
    • Special Offer: New clients get their first 2 classes for $26 
    • Block21 Fitness offers cardio dance classes that require no prior dance experience and promise only the best music to get you through your workout. Their 3 class types include “signature”, “perform”, and “body” which offer different combinations of cardio and strength. 


  • Ohana Yoga + Barre:
    • Neighborhood: Berkeley
    • Special Offer: New clients get $99 all-access unlimited for a month 
    • Ohana, as the title reads, has yoga and barre classes. As an additional perk, the studio also offers childcare so you can fit in your workout without missing a beat in your day.
  • Yoga Center Denver
    • Neighborhood: Wash Park West/SOBO
    • Special Offers: New Clients get 3 classes for $30, 2 weeks unlimited for $44, or 1 month unlimited for $99
    • At Yoga Center Denver, in addition to their classic yoga classes they also have Rhythmetrics (rhythmic mindfulness), Acro yoga (think acrobats?), and a prana spa where you can schedule a massage. 
  • The River Yoga
    • Neighborhood: Golden Triangle, Five Points, and Sunnyside
    • Special Offers: New clients get 2 weeks unlimited for $60, or 50% off your first month of membership (12 mo. commitment) 
    • The River is a yoga studio that has a jam-packed schedule of classes from early morning to evening. It’s a great option for the busy bee who needs flexibility. They have 11 different types of yoga classes from YogaCross (HIIT +Yoga) to the classic hot flow yoga. The River also does “donation-based” yoga classes where you can drop in and give what you can.
  • Ahimsa Yoga
    • Neighborhood: Cap Hill 
    • Special Offers: January Challenge: 30 Sessions for $150, New client gets 2 weeks unlimited for $30
    • Ahimsa Yoga is a smaller studio that offers over 32 different types of yoga classes. Ahimsa aims to be inclusive and individual for all levels while keeping their class sizes small for more focused instruction and individual support. 
  • Rooted Heart Yoga
    • Neighborhood: Cap Hill 
    • Special Offer: New client gets 2 weeks unlimited for $39
    • Rooted Heart Yoga boasts classes to suit all skill levels. They offer several different styles of yoga and encourage you to try out as many of their classes, teachers, etc. in order to find the right class fit for you!
  • Big Power Yoga
    • Neighborhood: RiNo
    • Special Offer: New clients get 1 week free in January 
    • Big Power Yoga’s classes are all HOT. Big specializes in hot power yoga classes (with the exception of Yin yoga). Every session is heated to 95 degrees, so if you’re looking to build strength & flexibility while you sweat, then Big is for you!


  • Viv Cycle
    • Neighborhood: RiNo
    • Special Offer: New clients get 2 weeks unlimited for $49 
    • Viv Cycle offers high-intensity cycling classes curated to the beat of the music. “It’s like a dance party on a bike” as they say. They also have some vinyasa and yin yoga classes as well as restorative rides…and 35-minute classes for us busy millennials out there. Founder Ann Tribone is passionate about creating an inclusive wellness community. 
  • High Ride Cycle
    • Neighborhood: Sloan’s Lake
    • Special Offer: New clients get 5 classes for $25
    • High Ride Cycle is another cycling class that uses “beat-based choreography” on the bike while getting in high-intensity cardio and isolated strength training. I recommend the “Filthy Friday” (explicit music only) and “Hip Hop Happy Hour” classes. 
  • Epic Ryde SloHi Studio
    • Neighborhood: Sloan’s Lake/Highlands
    • Special Offer: New clients get 5 classes for $25
    • Epic Ryde grew out of a love for outdoor cycling and brought it indoors to a group fitness setting. Their class offerings go beyond cycling including TRX, Epic HIIT 30 minutes, and Epic Cycle & Strength which alternates cycling with strength training/weights.

Has it All:

  • Endorphin:
    • Neighborhood: Broadway, Central Park, City Park
    • Special Offers: First Class Free, Intro Month of 30 days unlimited in-studio and virtual classes for $69, and Virtual 2 Free Weeks. 
    • Endorphin is a gym that really has it all. They offer cycle, strength & HIIT, yoga & barre, as well as personal training and an open gym. Perfect for that catch-all fitness journey and for someone who prefers to switch up their routine frequently.
  • Fit Collective 
    • Neighborhood: North Denver
    • Special Offer: New clients get 2 weeks unlimited for $50
    • Fit Collective is another one-stop shop on this list. Here you can try out barre, yoga, pilates, HIIT, or some classic cardio and strength training. Fun fact, Fit Collective was born out of an Instagram account in 2020. They strive to create a supportive fitness community.

Lastly, these 15 best gyms in Denver also offer virtual classes. This flexible option makes joining a gym less intimidating while also saving you drive time and the hassle of looking decent. Certainly, classes aren’t necessary, but I love it when I can join one. Not only does it expose me to new workouts, but also I feel more motivated and it helps to get me out of bed in the morning. So, if I paid (even a discounted price) I’m going to one of these 15 best gyms in Denver when that alarm goes off. If you really hate gyms or you’d rather save all of your money this year then check out How to Work Out From Home for Free.

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